Monday, January 01, 2007

Fun and Games

I've never been able to keep a blog, or a journal, a dream log, or even complete a recreational college course. Those are things that start out as fun, and rapidly become "work." Once that happens, my soul rebels and I just quit. Fun is supposed to be fun, dammit!

Even though there's no good reason for it, I've always wanted to keep a blog. Maybe I thought I had good ideas or important things to say. But changing the world through your blog is not only retarded and sad, it's also nearly impossible, and fucking boring. It becomes work. And since I have no willpower, I quit.

So for me, fun is a strategy. I know I'll quit if I don't have fun. If I was a masochist or a robot, I'd be able to accomplish great things through long hours of hard work. But since I'm a human, and boredom and work feel like torture to me, I can only continue to do something until I succeed if I'm having fun. I must be retarded to have just figured this out! People always say "Do what you love," but I never believed them. I think it's true for everybody, but we all deny it. I don't think anyone who has ever succeeded in anything through "hard work." There's no such thing as willpower; there's only love. Rich businessmen with successful companies secretly love organizing, accounting, keeping records, micromanaging, and shmoozing with potential partners or clients. They -- love -- it. Otherwise, they would have quit already. People who write popular blogs love getting attention and desperately need praise, or, they would have quit already.

One thing I happen to be "successful" at is Halo 2. I win a lot. Do I win because I worked hard at it? Fuck no! Since it's fun, I naturally want to play it, and by playing more, I naturally get better.

I'm pretty sure that's how everything works. I mean, children learn entire fucking languages, simply because they want to. They don't study, or practice, or "work hard." Children just have a natural desire to talk, so they master language in a few years.

If I want to do something that's difficult, I have two options: Make it fun, or fail. I can have fun and still fail...but at least I had fun!

For instance, this blog. Keeping a blog is hard for me. If I stress out about writing every day or making money through ads or gaining readers, I'll burn out and fail. I might be able to write one really great blog post that everyone on the net would just die to read, but it would be hard work, so I'd quit. Or, I could only write when it's fun and actually keep a blog indefinitely. So I have to make it my goal to "enjoy writing a blog". If I do enjoy keeping the blog, even if I lose all my readers, I've met my goal!

If your goal is to have fun, you can't lose.

So remember, fun is a strategy, a way to success. If you have a natural desire to do something (because it's fun), you will master it naturally. So make everything fun! It's kind of sweet, being forced to have fun if you want to succeed.

That's my new philosphy, anyway.

There used to be a blog here.

There used to be a blog here called "Mental Deviance." I erased it all! All of those 20 or so posts are gone, deleted one by one, with no back-ups saved. It feels good!

I was going to start a new blog, but I like the name "Mental Deviance," so I decided to erase my old one and start over.